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Tai Chi - Hsing Yi - Bagua

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Description: Grand master Hung I Hsiang (1925-93) These 5 parts, shows the full serie: Tai Chi "The Soft Way" These recordings are from the, BBC Documentary series (1983): The Way Of The Warrior! BBC docu "Way of the Warrior" The series was originally broadcast by the BBC in the early 1980's and was comprised of 8 episodes which featured top Masters of each system. Each part lasts approx 35-40 minutes so the total content is approx 5½ hours long. It is not intended as a training tutorial. It is a documentary going into the rich historical background, philosophy, methods and practices of each system. Each part has numerous footage of demonstrations, explanations and practical applications. Whichever martial art system you may be studying this is a very absorbing and inspiring series.
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